“Krungthep Dee Tor Jai” by QSNCC and BMA, Welcoming the New Year 2023 by Promoting Physical and Mental Wellness for People in Bangkok

04 Jan 2023

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), in collaboration with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), sets to provide “Sook Rak,” or “First Happiness,” as a gift for the people of Bangkok on the first Friday (also pronounced “Sook Rak” in Thai) of the year 2023 through “Krungthep Dee Tor Jai,” an event that boosts visitors’ physical and mental wellness. Activities will include making merit, listening to sermons, and perusing a farmers’ market at Benjakitti Park on 6 and 7 January.

“Krungthep Dee Tor Jai” is hosted by QSNCC and BMA as to promote the physical and mental wellness of the people of Bangkok by utilizing Benjakitti Park as a venue for a diverse range of activities suitable for people of all ages.

Sakchai Pattarapreechakul, CEO, N.C.C. Management & Development Co., Ltd., the operator of QSNCC said: We came up with ‘Krungthep Dee Tor Jai’ to deliver the first happiness (“Sook Rak”), which promotes physical and mental well-being through joint activities on a public space. This activity is in line with the QSNCC’s goal to become more than just a ‘venue’ and promote active lifestyles for people and communities.”

The event’s activities include:

Happy Mind by “Krungthep Dee Tor Jai”:

  • Making merit by giving food offerings to 99 monks as a blessing for the New Year.
  • Morning Meditation with V. Vajiramedhi to start the New Year with an awakening mind.

Happy Body with “Cozy up in the Park”:

  • Yoga in the Park and Sound Bath Therapy in the evening to allow people with hectic urban lifestyles to wind down in energizing ways. The Mindfulness Yoga session will facilitate people of all ages and genders while the Sound Bath Therapy will allow everyone to experience the waves of soothing sounds, gaining positive energy from deep relaxation.
  • City Park Volunteer/Nature Walk is an activity that invites people to participate, restore, and explore the garden’s ecosystems.
  • Kids Climbing is an activity for children to experience nature while learning through play under the supervision of staff from the Big Trees Project.
  • Story Telling and Painting is another activity for children who are interested in reading or telling stories. Guest speakers will be joining this activity at Benjakitti Park in pleasant surroundings in the evening. In addition, children can also read books of their choice to build and nurture their reading habits, together with a painting activity to enhance their creative imaginations.  
  • Meesuk Farm Market is an area for selling local goods under the concept of “From Farm to Table.” More than 40 retailers from various communities will be gathered at the market, which will generate incomes for small entrepreneurs.
  • Sharpening Mind with Chess is an activity operated by the Golden King Club, inviting children to play chess and sharpen their minds in the process.
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